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FBC Foley Youth Ministry

FBC Foley Youth Ministry

Welcome friends, youth, parents, chipmunks, and random visitor! What you’re about to browse through is our FBC Foley Youth web pages. It’s a little bit about who we are, how we think, and what we do. In this website you should be able to find everything you need to find about our ministry from dates, to missions, to football, and more. So I hope you continue to read and browse through it…there’s some good stuff in here. Enjoy friends.

We're trying everything in our power to push you (youth, visitors, leaders and parents) into deeper waters. Because we know that there’s a huge difference between conforming to a pattern of religion and actually following after Jesus. What we mean is that we want you to really think about what this whole church stuff is all about. And our prayer is that you don’t play the game of religion but ask the big questions in life.

It's easy to attend church because it's fun (at least ours is), but that'll only last a little bit until it gets kinda boring, right? So we want you to think about the real purpose of church (and here's a hint: it's NOT about being "good people").That's our commitment to you as FBC Youth - trying to train you, equip you, walk with, cry with and actually be serious about growing. You don’t have to be perfect…please, none of us are. All we’re asking of you is that you be honest with yourself.

How are we going to do this? Look, we're no experts at this church stuff. We think we might know, but we really don't. All we can do is faithfully study as much as we can from Scripture and history and with all our might follow the Holy Spirit's leading. But for now, we feel like understanding our core values and also living them out, then that's how we grow deep.

FBC Foley Youth Schedule

Sunday Mornings:
  • Sunday School meets between Church Services at 9:45am
Sunday Nights:
  • 4:30pm - Youth Praise Team
  • 5:30pm- Discipleship
  • 3:30 TeamKID Mentors
  • 5:00 Youth Supper
  • 6:00 C.H.A.O.S. (Christ Honoring And Others Served

We offer ministry opportunities through our Creative Movement/Drama team, TeamKID Mentors, our Student-led Worship band and FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) involvement with Foley Middle School and Foley High School.

Special trips are planned throughout the year. Students have the chance to experience hands-on mission work, retreats, and fun activities. Our students enjoy "chillin' in the CHAT room" while consuming LOTS of pizza and Chick-fil-A!

Our fellowship time together creates a support group where our students learn to encourage and challenge one another to live for Christ.